Squiggly Auctions

Many watches are called a prototype, but this is not always the correct designation. At this auction we have tried to appoint each lot correctly.

When a designer creates watches he needs to create samples to see if his design works in the watch. Swatch prototypes exist in different states. There are non-working dummies, there are photo dials, glued together, but also completely working watches. In the basis, a prototype was never sold to the public.
A hybrid is a watch made by a Swatch engineer outside the regular production line or design process.
A variant is a watch made during the production process, either by mistake, or due to change/lack of materials.

Venice catalog

The lots we are offering in this auction come for the larger part from one collector that tried to get all the watches that are shown in the Venice catalog. This catalog was released in 1991 on a collectors event in Venice Italy and showed mainly the prototypes and variants known in that period.