Squiggly Auctions

Introduction to the Squiggly Auction 2016

In the 24 years I have been dealing in Swatch watches I have only recently come to a realization and understanding how special the Swatch brand actually is. We all know the story how Swatch saved the Swiss watch industry in 1983 and how Mr Hayek built Swatch to a worldwide known brand. What very few people realize is that Swatch is the only reasonably priced brand in the world whereby each and every production model is documented and known.

Not only has the CEO mr Hayek always kept a few of each model in the "stock du patron", but also the fact that Swatch watches were very early recognized as collectors' items thanks to their unique and quirky designs.

As early as 1989 the first collectors were trading watches with one another. American and Swiss collectors set up the first auctions at Mangisch in Zurich and prices rocketed. That was the start of the "voglia matta", the need to have a Swatch collector's item, in Switzerland, Italy and the USA.

Luzern 1991-1994

The annual Luzern auctions in the years 1991 to 1994 symbolized the highlights for Swatch collectors. Special models were auctioned the magnitude of the "voglia matta" was so high that even the auction catalogs were cherished and saved to this day by Swatch lovers.

Squiggly Auction 2016

Now 20 years later the Swatch collector's world has changed. Thanks to the Internet we now have customers worldwide from China and Japan to the USA. Squiggly has stayed true to itself all these years by providing you with a huge selection of vintage Swatch watches. Squiggly has not only the desire to revitalize this annual auction of very special Swatch watches, prototypes and variants, we also want to tell the stories of watches and make sure the story of these watches is not lost.

The Watches

We know we have created a dramatic auction. Many of the watches we offer here I haven't seen in years, decades. The lots contain some really, really rare items. Many of what we offer here comes from a collector that wanted to try to get all the watches that are shown in the Venice catalog.


Each item is at the moment of the auction in our possession in Rotterdam. Each and every watch has been checked and approved by the Squiggly expert team for quality and authenticity and has been described as good as possible. The watches have been rated on a scale from 1-20. 20 basically means the watch looks as good as it can be. The fact the watch is a dummy (not working) has no effect on the rating.

More than watches

In this auction we want to offer you the really rare items. Watches but also other Swatch memorabilia. Rare doesn't mean it has to be expensive. Just items that have a story and we feel should be remembered and cherished. That will be our task as curators for this auction.