Squiggly Auctions

Payment, taxes & shipment


When the auction is finished the winner will receive an e-mail with payment instructions.


When bidding on a lot within the Squiggly Auction, your bid is always excluding taxes. This is to make sure everybody all over the word will see the same prices when bidding.

Delivery within the EU

Once you've won a lot and the delivery address is within the European Union, we will have to charge you VAT on top of the winning bid. The percentage of VAT differs per country, since it is levied by local government. In principle we will charge the local VAT rate on your order.

Delivery outside of the EU

Once you've won a lot and the delivery address is outside of the European Union you will not charged VAT by us. However, depending on the receiving country, your parcel can be subject to import taxes and VAT. How customs treats and charges these taxes varies per country. Paying these local taxes are the responsibility of the recipient of the parcel.


In order to ensure a safe delivery we have decided not to ship before Christmas. All lots will be shipped between January 2 and January 20. In general we prefer Fedex as international shipping company.

Winning lots above €2000 will receive an e-mail regarding the delivery & insurance options. Additional costs due to the choice of an alternative shipping method by the recipient are to be paid by the lot winner.